Entrepreneurship Development and Self Employment Committee

Entrepreneurship Development and Self Employment Committee

Shri Jayeshkumar Pathak

Shri Brijeshbhai Pathak

Preparing successful Young entrepreneurs with Ethical and leadership qualities using innovative and creative business focus to make BHUDEV Impact.

Giving Right Direction and Resource to Build passion and spirit among Youngster to pursue entrepreneurship.

Long Term Goals (5 Years)
Making youngster to Build their own enterprise and become job provider.
Develop business incubators.

Short Term Goals (2 Years)
To provide a platform for interaction with MSME Convey entrepreneurial education/skills into Youngster by organizing various training and exercise workshop.
Organizing interaction with Govt. & Private organizations promoting the entrepreneurship.
Product Selection, Product Development.Place Selection, Market Survey.
To Provide Feasibility Study & Financial Assistance for Funding, Loan, Subsidy from Govt.

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