Cultural Committee

Cultural Committee

Shri Bhautikbhai Pathak

Shri Brijeshbhai Pathak

Cultural Committee Aim and Policies

Creativity, Diversity and artistic quality are to be integral part of the Society's development. The culture is to be a dynamic, challenging and independent force based on the freedom of expression. Everyone is to have the opportunity to participate in cultural life.

To achieve the objectives cultural policies are to,

To promote qualities and artistic renewal.

To promote opportunities for everyone to experience culture, participate in programs and develop their creative abilities.

To promote a dynamic cultural heritage which are preserved, used and developed.

To promote accessibility.

In future - To promote international and intercultural exchange program and cooperation in the cultural sphere.

Pay particular attention to the rights of children and young people to culture. Pathak Pariwar need a strong cultural life. Through its potential to move and inspire, cultural contributes both to strengthening the individual and developing society as a whole. Art must be allowed to develop on its own terms and must have scope for new perspectives on cultural heritage. Cultural policies contributes to spreading and anchoring a humanitic view of the individual in society. Different types of creativity will be supported and encouraged. The internationalization of society, Pathak Pariwar will provide better opportunities for cultural life to develop. Therefore, it is important to insist on the necessity of quality, artistic integrity, mutuality and sustainability in international exchanges. Children and young people, in many respects are depending on adult and have limited opportunities to influence or take responsibility for the environment in which they grow up. Pathak Pariwar will bear special responsibility for children and young people giving good and equal opportunity to take part in the cultural life.

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